As soon as winter hits, most of us want nothing more than to stay indoors, snuggle up and hibernate. But while it makes sense to stay home during the colder months, it’s not exactly the most exciting way to spend your time.

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth during winter, why not get together a group of friends, hire a party bus and head out to the Swan Valley for a wine tour? Nothing beats the winter woes quite like sampling the best wine, beer and cider that WA has to offer.


Here’s 8 reasons why you’ll love touring the Swan Valley this winter.


Less Crowds, Faster Service

There’s nothing worse than rocking up to a winery or brewery that’s already overflowing with tour groups. During these busy times, there may be longer waiting periods between tastings, and when you eventually do get seen to, you’re going to struggle to hear the host as each sample is served. The good news is, winter wine tours are one of Perth’s best kept secrets. You’ll be able to avoid the summertime crowds and get the best possible experience in the Swan Valley.


Beat the Winter Blues

If colder weather and shorter days cause you to feel the winter blues, you’re not alone. During the winter, it’s typical to feel worn out, and unhappy. Winter wine tours in the Swan Valley are perfect for bringing people together to socialise, get outside, warm your heart and lift your spirits.


Stock Up On Supplies

Animals have the right idea when it comes to foraging for food for the winter, so why not do the same with your wine supply? As less people are heading out to wine regions during winter, there’s likely to be more discounts and incentives on offer. Make the most of the bargains and stock up on as much wine as possible for those times when you are spending the night in at home.


Winter Wine Options

When the weather heats up, most of us immediately reach for a cider, bubbles or a sauvignon blanc. But as soon as the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to enjoy the whiskey, a pinot noir or a cabernet sauvignon. Plus, there’s the option of mulled wine, and nothing will make you feel cosier and warmer than a cup of mulled wine!


Photo opportunities

The picturesque landscapes of the swan valley region during the winter months are a must-see. Green lush grass, colourful flowers and orange leafy vineyards make for great photographs!

Many wineries have photo opportunities throughout their facilities, including vineyards, bars, and other areas where you can take pictures. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting all of your memories captured and enjoying your day with loved ones.


Those Landscapes Though

Have you ever seen a lush, green vineyard during winter? After the rain, the vineyards take on a whole new look that will have you posting to Insta with #nofilter. Snuggle up inside a winery or brewery with your drink of choice and look out at the magnificent view that you most certainly won’t get to see during the dry months.


Fashion Opportunities

Let’s be honest. Aside from well, the wine, one of the biggest drawcards of going on a wine tour is getting to dress up and take a bunch of not-so-candid photos in picturesque locations.

Now think about this: how many times have you seen girls on wine tours wearing floral dresses and wide-brimmed hats? It’s more common than climbing on the tractor at Ugly Duckling Wines for that obligatory Insta shot.

Winter wine tours are an opportunity to shake things up and bust out your best winter fashion. From leather jackets and trench coats to knee-high boots, scarves and gloves, you can go all out with your winter look and take some original shots that will be completely different to everyone else’s.


Seasonal Foods

Menus in the Swan Valley wine country are constantly changing to adapt to whatever is growing at the time. From rich meat dishes with spectacular spices, to nourishing winter vegetables—these winter meals go perfectly over a bottle of wine.


Book With DoubleUp

Now that you’re totally sold on the idea of a winter wine tour, it’s time to make your move. Book a wine tour in Perth this winter with DoubleUp and get up to $400 worth of free wine (see, told you there would be incentives!). For every 20 people on your tour you’ll get 2x free bottles of wine at 4x different locations. So, gather up as many friends as possible and book today!

Not sure how to choose the right wine tour package for you and your friends? See the tips on our blog: