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Party Bus Wine Tours Perth

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No Other Wine Tour Comes Close

DoubleUP Tours Party Bus offers Perth’s best party bus experience when it comes to wine tours in Perth’s Swan Valley. When you book a wine tour with DoubleUP Tours Party Bus we do all the hard work for you! Yes, that’s correct. No matter which option you choose, (Your Wine Tour Plan or Our Wine Tour Package), as part of our dedication to providing you with the ultimate in service, DoubleUP Tours Party Bus will liaise with the venues and organise your itinerary, at no extra cost.

Our outstanding relationships with the different venues gives us preferential access and enables us to customise every event, and put together a wine tour package (including wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider house etc.) that offers the best deal possible and suits your group perfectly. DoubleUP Tours Party Bus knows how to host an amazing experience for you! Our staff are great to be around, and our party buses are insane!

Every party bus is equipped to make your day in the Swan Valley the best day ever! Either choose your own wineries and come up with your own plan, or let DoubleUP Tours Party Bus put together a great wine tour package for you with some amazing recommendations in Perth’s best party buses, for a Swan Valley wine tour you’ll never forget!

Your Wine Tour Plan

If you know exactly which venues you would like to visit, DoubleUP Tours Party Bus will work with you to come up with a great schedule and/or provide you with recommendations on the perfect venues and best party bus appropriate for the size and age of your group.

Organising your own Swan Valley wine tour means you pay for the party bus of your choice and allow DoubleUP Tours Party Bus to get you from one venue to the next, in one of Perth’s best party buses. Our party buses are equipped with amazing sound, lighting, fog machines and customised interiors with dance floors, dance poles and limo style seating that will set the scene for an awesome day.

A typical Swan Valley wine tour starts from around 11.00 am with a pickup in one of our party buses from the venue of your choice. Final drop off is at approximately 5/5.30pm which allows for approximately a 6 hour period in the Swan Valley and visits to 3 or 4 wineries/breweries or other venue types of your choice.

Our Wine Tour Package

Alternatively let DoubleUP Tours Party Bus orgainise everything for you and put together a great schedule with the perfect party bus and venues for you and your group to visit.

Our all-inclusive wine tours give you a unique experience, combining the beauty and excitement of the Swan Valley with Perth’s best party bus– we arrange everything - there is nothing you need to do but turn up and enjoy the experience and indulgence of Perth’s Swan Valley and a wine tour uniquely customised for you and your group.

Choose from one of our numerous Swan Valley wine tour packages, combined with the party bus of your choice. Our service is undoubtedly Perth’s best; our drivers are experienced at dealing with the different venues and understand the finer details that assist to make your wine tour a success. Allowing DoubleUP Tours Party Bus to organise your wine tour means a totally stress free experience where you can simply sit back, enjoy your special day and let us do all the work!

Our Swan Valley wine tour packages range in price and are able to be tailored to accommodate your preferred venues and locations.

  • We arrange the schedule from start to finish

  • We book the venues for you and organise the tastings and lunches according to the wine tour package chosen

  • Lunch options are included, depending on the wine tour package chosen and range from pub type eating to platters or more formal sit down lunches

  • And of course, this includes the DoubleUP Tours party bus of your choice together with a trained driver who knows how to host an amazing day

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Our Wine Tour FAQs

All our party bus wine tours can be tailored to suit the needs and interests of your group. We’re not just about wineries – we have great relationships with a wide range of local business. Whether you want to sample some handcrafted beers, taste the wares of a small batch distillery, or indulge your sweet tooth, we can tailor your tour accordingly. Just let us know what you like, and we’ll help you plan the perfect day.

When you book your Perth wine tour through DoubleUP, you know you're going to get a good deal. We have contacts at all the hot spots and can get you discounted beverages and meals. Our party bus wine tour packages are all-inclusive, there's nothing else to worry about once you're on board.

A typical Swan Valley wine trip begins at 11 a.m. with a pick-up in one of our party buses from your desired location. Final drop off is around 5.30pm, allowing for a 6-hour period in the Swan Valley and excursions to 3 or 4 wineries/breweries or other types of venues of your choice.

If you know exactly which venues you want to visit, we'll work with you to create a terrific itinerary and/or make recommendations for the finest venues and party bus for your group's size and age. Alternatively, we can take care of everything and put together a fantastic itinerary for you and your company, complete with the ideal party bus and places to visit.

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