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Terms of Service

DoubleUP Tours

Bond / Deposit

Depending on the demographics of the group, a deposit of either $150 or $200 is required to secure bookings for all single decker buses and up to $300 may be required to secure bookings for the double decker. Until such time as the deposit is paid, availability cannot be confirmed. Bucks and Hens functions may attract a higher deposit.

Damages Bond

In most instances a damages bond will be required. Your booking bond/deposit automatically becomes your damages bond and is refundable to you in full after the event as long as there is no damage to the bus or unpleasant circumstances (this includes vomit) and our terms of service have not been abused. If the vehicle is damaged by you or your guests, left in an unpleasant condition (eg. vomit), or where bottles have been thrown out the window or smoking has occurred, some or all of your bond will be withheld. Where there is excessive damage DoubleUp will take action to recover all costs incurred.

Booking Cancellation

Deposits are not refundable if you cancel your booking. If the chartered vehicle arrives at the pickup point and you do not wish to go ahead for whatever reason, the full amount quoted is due and payable.

Cancellations within 7 days of a booking require 50% payment of the full charter fare. Cancellations within 48 hours of a booking require full payment.

Smoking On Board

Smoking on any bus in WA is an offense. If you or your guests are found smoking on the bus at any time, the driver has the right, at his/her discretion to remove you from the vehicle or terminate the service. In this instance no deposit or monies paid will be refunded.

Alcohol On Board

Drinking alcohol on any bus in WA is illegal. By law NO ALCOHOL is allowed to be consumed on board and no opened alcohol is allowed to be carried. Fines may be issued to passengers by police and transport officers when they board at random. DoubleUP will not be responsible for any fines issued. DoubleUP drivers reserve the right to inspect baggage or containers brought on board and at their discretion, may ask passengers to leave the bus, or even terminate the service, should they find passengers drinking. In this instance no deposit or monies paid will be refunded.

For further information please see The Liquor Control Act 1988 which outlines a number of offences that apply to what is commonly referred to as "street drinking".

Sensible Alcohol Consumption

If any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance, they may be asked by the driver to leave the vehicle and will be required to travel home by taxi or other means at their own expense.

Code of Conduct

Clearly all of our staff have a right to work in a safe and relaxed environment and without suffering any rude, aggressive or dangerous behaviour from the client and/or his/her guests during a hire. The driver has a legal right and duty to request a passenger/s to exit the vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • Passenger/s throw a bottle out the window. Due to the danger of this act, the guilty passenger/s will immediately be requested to exit the vehicle

  • Passenger/s smoke on the vehicle.

  • Passenger/s have not adhered to the requirement of 'sensible alcohol consumption'

  • Passenger/s behaviour is rude, aggressive and/or abusive

Any fighting, unruly or abusive behaviour, damage to personal property, passengers or property of DoubleUP will result in immediate termination of the charter and withdrawal of services.

Client Responsibility

The Client acts as the lead passenger and is solely responsible and liable for the actions and behaviour of all their passengers. In the event that the Client/Lead Passenger is unwilling or unable to control the misbehaviour of the passenger/s, the driver has a legal right and duty to request those passenger/s to quietly exit the vehicle immediately and to proceed without them. Refusal by any passenger/s to quietly and peacefully disembark from the vehicle will result in the hire being instantly terminated. In the event the hire is terminated this way, no refund will be provided and any or all expenses subsequently incurred by the passengers will not be re-imbursed by DoubleUP Tours under any circumstances.

Departure Time

Vehicle's are booked for a set time and may leave without late passengers 15 minutes after the contracted collection time. If one or more Passengers fails to appear at the pick-up location and is not aboard the vehicle within 15 minutes of the booked time, then a decision will be required from the client/lead passenger to either leave without the missing passenger or terminate the hire. If the Client/Lead Passenger fails to reach a decision then it will be made for him/her by DoubleUP Tours who may authorise the Driver to terminate the hire and proceed to the next booking. No compensation or discussion will be undertaken by Party Buses London for the failure of Passengers to embark and depart at the agreed time or for hire terminations due to any or all the Passenger/s failure to appear and/or board the Vehicle/s on time.

Competitions and Promotions

Any and all prizes awarded by DoubleUP Tours involving free or discounted rides must be used within the time period detailed on the aforementioned promotional material. Awarded ride length and distance is up to the discretion of DoubleUP Tours, and may not be awarded if DoubleUP Tours determines the pickup location to be further than any region that is unsuitable for prizes. Prizes may only be awarded to those within Western Australia, and within 100KM of Perth. DoubleUP Tours reserves the right to end any competition or promotion during the promotional period.

Service Limitations

Doubleup Tours reserves the right to alter vehicle selection at their discretion. Should this occur, no refunds or compensation will be provided.

Pub Crawls

Patrons are responsible for their own safety and well being during pub crawls and enter each venue of their own accord and at their own risk. Patrons must be 18 years of age and carry photo identification. It is each patron's responsibility to have suitable identity and be dressed appropriately so as to gain entry at all venues.

DoubleUP Tours does not take responsibility (nor will provide any refund) for patrons who are refused entry to any venue based on anti-social behaviour, intoxication or for any other reason the venue may deem necessary. DoubleUP Tours reserves the right to eject any patron from a pub crawls or venue. If any patron is ejected from a pub crawl, that patron will immediately forfeit their right to continue the pub crawl and DoubleUP Tours shall not be liable to refund any money to that patron.

DoubleUP Tours requires patrons to drink responsibly at all times and accepts no liability for the actions of any other patron or member of the public or for any loss or damage to any property or for any injury or death caused to any patron.

Pub Crawl Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for the date of the booking only, and can only be used once. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash,are non-refundable, and may not be valid with any other promotional offer. Lost or void vouchers will not be re-issued or reimbursed.

DoubleUP Tours will not be liable for any loss and/or damages of any kind resulting from the purchase, redemption and/or use of any voucher. DoubleUP Tours reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions and/or substitute or replace the voucher with another product or package of equivalent value without prior notice.

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