How to Book a Party Bus 

Planning your next big celebration? We get it – it’s exciting and fun but can also be a bit of a challenge. One of these challenges is deciding on the ultimate party bus because, let’s be real, it’s not just about getting from A to B… it’s about how you get there.

We’ve created the perfect go-to guide for deciding on the perfect party bus hire for your event – from looking at your event needs, to the route you’ll be taking… all while fitting it into your budget.


Knowing Your Event Needs

Choosing the right party bus is like choosing the right playlist – it sets the vibe for your group and event. Whether it a huge birthday bash, or a small and intimate corporate day out, it’s important to find the right party bus to fit your event’s theme and purpose.

This means getting the right sized bus for your group so that it doesn’t feel too crowded and kills the mood, but also isn’t so spacious that it feels like a no-show. You also need to consider the amenities that are the best fit for your entourage. Whether you need a high-quality sound system, lots of dance floor space, more seating, dazzling ambient lighting, or all of the above, you need to take all of this into consideration when narrowing down your party bus options.


Reviewing the Party Bus Fleet

You would never purchase a car or house without going to expect it in-person first. The same should be said about your party bus hire! There are many different Perth party bus hire companies out there, some offering very similar services. That’s why you need to skip booking based on online pictures and see the bus in-person if you have never been on it before.


It’s easy to touch-up a photo online or make the inside of a party bus look much bigger than it is. Imagine booking a party bus based on those images and it turning up on the day dirty, too small and not as promised… what a vibe kill. Always ask for images of the bus before you book.


Setting a Budget

We know budgeting can be a buzzkill and is probably the least exciting thing when it comes to planning your event. However, if you can figure out an amount that you are willing to spend on a party bus before you start looking at options and enquiring for quotes, you can avoid any financial surprises and still throw your perfect affordable celebration.


Planning the Route and Schedule

Now, let’s talk about the journey. It’s not just about the destinations you are planning to get to, but about the adventure in between. Make sure you have locked in times for pick-ups, drop-offs, and any stops in between! A well-planned route not only makes the day go by a lot smoother and stress-free, but also keeps the energy high as everyone knows exactly what to expect.


The Most Reliable Party Bus Hire in Perth

If you’re ready to make unforgettable memories and have everyone raving about your special event for years to come, contact DoubleUp on 0413 550 044 for a party bus quote today!


We can advise you on the perfect party bus for your event and make sure that every detail aligns seamlessly with your perfect party bus experience.