Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a corporate function, a wine tasting is a perfect way to create a day of life-long memories filled with scenery, good food, and most importantly, exceptional wine!  

Luckily, Perth is surrounded by numerous wine regions which are a short drive away and make for a perfect day trip. But why settle for a regular drive when you can get the crew together, make transport a part of the experience, and travel in style with a party bus!  

Read our guide below for our top picks on regions to visit for a full-day wine tour, from the boutique wineries in the Swan Valley, to the trendy wine-bars in the Geographe Wine Region. 


Swan Valley 

The Swan Valley is 25km, or a 30-minute drive, from Perth and is one of the most popular regions for young and old, for a wine tasting near Perth. This makes the region a perfect option for a close-to-home wine tour, so you can spend the maximum time at all of the Swan Valley’s renowned cideries, distilleries, and exquisite restaurants and cafes.  

The Swan Valley produces some of Australia’s most premium wines full of superb depth and flavour such as Shiraz, Verdelho, and Chenin Blanc. Some our must-visit winery picks in the Swan River are Sandalford Wines, Lancaster Wines and Ugly Duckling Wines, which are all popular picks for wine tour stops throughout the day. 


Peel Region 

Located around 50km, or 45 minutes, from Perth, the Peel Region is another popular area for a day of wine tasting near Perth. The region boasts seaside vines and boutique wines, making it perfect for a wine tour with a touch of dramatic natural beauty, to pair with magnificent and locally produced food. 

The Peel Region is responsible for growing a number of signature grape varieties, each bragging their own unique taste profiles: from the refreshingly elegant, buttery flavour of Chardonnay to the varying full-flavour of sweet Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re planning a wine tour in the Peel Region, make sure to add Peel Estate Wines, Tanglefoot, and Lake Clifton Winery to the list of stops for the day! 


Margaret River  

The Margaret River wine region is about 270km, or 3 hours, from Perth but is still a great option for a day of wine tasting near Perth. The area is globally renowned for its coastline scenery and its 200+ wineries, which will leave you with endless opportunities to explore! Vineyards in this region pride themselves on farming their grapes organically and without synthetic chemicals. 

Two of Margaret River’s signature grape varieties are Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, both of which are known for their zesty, flowery, and fruity tastes that have been likened to a flavour fusion of lime and green apple. Some unmissable winery picks in Margaret River to taste these elegant varieties are Amelia Park Wines, Leeuwin Estate, and Flowstone. 


Geographe Wine Region 

Located around 220km from Perth, or under 3 hours, the Geographe Wine Region is another ideal spot for a wine tasting near Perth. A unique feature of this wine region over others is that it is known for its many small, family-owned vineyards and businesses. The families are passionate about their produce, take great pride in what they craft, and are always willing to share their knowledge with visitors. 

Two of the Geographe Wine Region’s signature grape varieties are Merlot and Tempranillo, both boasting light flavours of berries, stone fruit, and aromatic cedar. Some of Geographe’s most notable and well-known wineries to make a stop at are Smallwater Estate, Talisman Wines, and Oakway Estate. 


Are You Ready to Plan Your Wine Tour? 

 So, you’re now aware of some of the most amazing wine tasting spots near Perth. It’s high time you start planning your very own wine tour! Get your pals together and make it happen. 


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