If you can remember your last party bus experience, then you know it was an exciting and unforgettable experience! Now, compare that to travelling by Uber or getting dropped off by your parents. It’s a bit underwhelming. So why not upgrade your festival transfer and arrive in style with your crew on board a party bus?

There are many reasons why party buses are the best mode of festival transfers, with the most important being the convenience and reliability, the cost-effectiveness, and the atmosphere it provides. Read our guide below and see why you should consider hiring a party bus for your next festival transfer!


Convenience and Reliability

One of the most frustrating things about attending a festival with a large group of friends is actually trying to find them on the festival grounds. Even if you organise a pre’s and are able to organise a ride (we all know what ordering an Uber during peak times is like), you will often all arrive and get dropped off in smaller groups and at different times, making it a headache to find each other in amongst the crowds. This, together with the usual lack of phone reception on the festival grounds, is a nightmare.

That’s when a pre-organised party bus is the perfect solution for a festival transfer, as it’s guaranteed to get you to where you need to be, and on time! By gathering all your friends at one starting point, leaving and getting dropped off at the same time, you don’t need to be constantly worrying about getting a ride or finding your friends on the day, which leaves your group to just enjoy the fun!



You’ve spent money on your ticket, your outfit, your drinks, and the last thing you need to worry about is paying peak prices for an Uber or taxi to the actual festival (if you can even manage to secure one that doesn’t cancel on you!). Even splitting the cost between you and a few friends can sometimes leave you out of pocket more than you’d like.

Having a party bus hired for a festival transfer avoids this problem! With a party bus, you benefit from a set service cost that does not fluctuate on the day and leaves you to plan the exact cost of your ride. Plus, the more friends you can gather for your party bus festival transfer, the more people you can divide the cost by, making it cheaper per person!


Atmosphere and Ambience

A festival day should be full of partying, music, singing, and dancing. But how often have you been hyped up at pre’s, only to have to reign in the fun while you are getting to the festival, whether it’s by Uber or your parents, only to have to ramp it up again when you get to the festival?

Why don’t you keep the party rolling on the road, with a party bus festival transfer? With the presence of club lighting, high-quality music systems, spacious dance floors, and aux

cables to play your group’s favourite music on route to the festival, you can party non-stop all day!


Does a Party Bus Sound Like the Right Festival Transfer Option for You?

Now that you know why a party bus is the perfect option for a festival transfer, what are you waiting for? Make organising your group’s festival transfer easy, stress-free, and as cheap as possible!

Whatever the festival, you can count on DoubleUp’s range of party buses to cater for your group, and get you there! Contact us on 0413 550 044 for a quote today!