Do you or a loved one have a birthday coming up? Whether you’re marking a special birthday celebration for an 18th, 21st, 50th or anything else, it can be difficult to come up with new birthday party ideas in Perth.

Which is exactly why it might be time to consider hiring a party bus.


What is a party bus?

A party bus is actually exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bus that’s been custom retrofitted to create a party on wheels!

At DoubleUp, we’ve spared no expense in turning our party buses into mobile fun vehicles. With high quality speakers, lush seating, dance room, dancing poles and a whole lot more, it’s easy to understand the appeal of party bus hire.


How can I use a party bus for my birthday party?


Party buses are hired to provide a few different purposes.



Often, our customers are looking for a unique, exciting, and memorable way to commute to a party, event, concert, festival or even a pub crawl. A party bus takes the hassle out of transport and turns the travel itself into part of the party.



Spending time in a party bus with friends and/or family is so much fun that many customers opt to hire a party bus to help them tour the city or go from one landmark to another. Instead of just travelling in a boring vehicle, hiring a party bus is an excellent way of elevating the whole experience.



We mean it when we say that travelling in a party bus is a party in and of itself. So much so that we even have customers who hire one of our buses just for a trip itself. No specific venue to go to and no event to be at, it’s simply fun to be out on the road with mates and friends partying and dancing the night away.


Why consider a party bus for your birthday party?


It’s so much fun!

Of course, the main advantage to party bus hire for a birthday party is enjoyment. A birthday is an occasion for celebration and there are few ways better and more affordable for dialling up the fun and excitement than transport by party bus.


Maintain Control

No one wants a birthday party derailed by logistics or delays. With a party bus you can get everyone out of your house and out to your chosen venue on time, whatever time that is. There’s no need to worry about people arriving late or getting lost, and you don’t need to worry about coordinating different vehicles or different modes of transport.


Stay Together

A party bus allows your entire crew to stick together throughout the birthday party. Party buses are particularly popular for pub crawls for that very reason. Whether it’s your birthday or a loved one’s, a party bus is a hassle-free way of ensuring that the party doesn’t break up.


Flexible Party Options

We love the idea of a party bus for a birthday party because it perfectly complements any other plans you might have. In fact, by taking care of transport, it makes it easier! Heading to a concert? Embarking on a pub crawl? Or just visiting a winery? A party bus doesn’t just take the stress and hassle out of logistics but replaces it with a genuinely good time!



We all want our birthday parties to be memorable, in a good way. Forget the pressure of planning a party bigger than Gatsby’s. With a party bus for hire you and all of your guests will enjoy a night to remember.


Celebrating Your Special Day with DoubleUp

DoubleUp is here to make sure your birthday is truly special. It’s an affordable and hassle-free way to really create a unique party experience.

Our team has been providing bus hire services for years and not only do we know a thing or two about customer service and reliable transfers, but we take great pride in our hosting abilities too. That’s right – our drivers are actually first class hosts moonlighting as bus drivers, and they’re dedicated to ensuring that you and your friends have the time of your life.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring a party bus for your birthday party, don’t hesitate to contact the DoubleUp team today. We’re happy to have a no-obligation and pressure-free chat about how we can help you celebrate your upcoming milestone!