2017 is a special year for Breast Cancer Care Western Australia, as it is the 15th year of Purple Bra Day! Breast Cancer Care WA works to raise funds to support Western Australians affected by breast cancer by providing personalised practical, emotional, and financial support to these individuals and their families.

Purple Bra Day centres around fundraising, fun, and the main aim, letting everyone know you are breast aware and just how simple and easy this is! With more than half of breast cancer diagnoses being found by the individual themselves or their own doctor, early detection is paramount to improve chances of successful treatment!

Breast cancer not only affects women but also men. This means every single one of us needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with this illness and unfortunately most of us know and have in some way been touched by this with one in eight women in Australia being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Here at DoubleUP Tours Party Bus we like to ‘give back’ – that means we support and take part in a range of community initiatives, fundraisers, and more! This one is particularly close to our hearts – whether it be yourself, your mother, a friend, relative or work colleague, we all have some sort of connection to breast cancer, so getting behind Purple Bra Day for the month of June is the best way we can show our support.

This year for the entire month of June, the DoubleUP Party Bus crew will turn purple to take up the challenge and wear the iconic purple bra on the outside of their clothes to raise money for people affected by breast cancer and support purple bra day and Breast Cancer Care WA!

Each of our party buses will host tins for your donation and in addition to all donations received during the month of June, DoubleUP will be donating part proceeds from the entire months’ services to this amazing cause! So, every time you book with us for the month of June, part of these proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Care WA – yes, we are stepping up to make a difference to the lives of those with breast cancer and their families – so get behind Purple Bra Day and show your support!

Purple Bra Day is one of the biggest fundraisers for Breast Cancer Care WA and DoubleUP is thrilled to be involved.

To support DoubleUP Tours Party Bus and Breast Cancer Care WA click HERE