As the Uni semester draws to a close you might be thinking of how to fill all this time you suddenly seem to have accumulated. Aside from all those boring “adulting” stuff like chores, housework, and food shopping, sometimes you just want to let loose and enjoy yourself! Don’t worry crew, DoubleUP Tours Party Bus has got you covered, with all the go to things to tame your inner child! Coz as they say some kids just never really grow up!

3.  BOUNCEinc Cannington

Who doesn’t love jumping around on giant trampolines for hours at a time without a care in the world! Bounce is the go to place these days for those whose are literally ‘bouncing off the walls” with excitement at the thought of the semester break already upon us and with sessions right up until 9pm, who wouldn’t want to expend all that pent up energy, am I right? Screw the gym, this is pure enjoyment and a workout all in one! Who would’ve even thought that was possible!

2. Winterland

Brave the cold and head to Perth city for ice skating, snow, hot pretzels, warm fires and more! Who doesn’t remember heading down to the ice rink with friends as a youngster to get that skate on, or at least attempt! There’s nothing like those bruises you wake up with from stacking it on the ice due to that daring nature and un-coordination… WInterland is a completely man made ice rink where you can head down and enjoy yourself! With a 40-foot snow slide and many other activities and food stalls this is not an event to be missed!

1. Ultimate Roomscape

Thrill seeker? Daredevil? Or just like trying new things? Get your group of friends together and give this one a go ASAP! Ultimate Roomscape involves pretty much exactly what the name states, escaping a room! There are a series of tasks and challenges that need to be undertaken in order to move from one sequence to the next, but you better be quick as you must beat the clock!! The DoubleUP crew have personally given this a go and it’s definitely one of their fave activities. Testing both physical and mental strength (as well as the nerves of some of the crew…) this is something not to be missed. Even if you’ve done a room before they are ever changing so there’s always something new to try! And if you’re into something different, doing it at night is a great challenge also! Try going to sleep after trying to rectify a kidnapping, almost impossible!

If you’re into something a bit different, DoubleUP Tours has lots of options available for you to let your hair down and enjoy this newfound freedom! Try one of our signature wine tour packages, organised completely for you, you don’t have to lift a finger. Or if you’re into something a bit different one of our pub crawl deals is sure to give a night like no other! There are also many more options on our website! All in all, don’t forget to enjoy this time off and let your inner child shine, before its back to books and student amenities fees like it never even happened.


The crew at DoubleUP xx