Join us as we blog about living the party bus dream where we will bring you the information and goss on everything party bus, from how to plan an epic event to upcoming festivals, best deals and of course stories – true events and experiences we’ve had with you, our customer, some funny, some silly some dangerous and some . . . well . . . quite embarrassing!

So, let us introduce you to the people you will hear from and see when you use our party buses.

If you’ve booked through DoubleUP before, you would have dealt with Jarryd – he’s the maaaannn!!; he’s the guy that knows it all – the buses, the people, the places, the deals; he’s the guy that will put together an epic day or night for you, whether it be a wine tour, pub crawl, hens or bucks, school ball or simply a transfer. He’s the guy that has made your experience on our party bus a day or night to remember and who’s objective is to continue to do so . . . providing the best party bus experience is the motto that we live by, so when you book with us, you’re putting yourself in the right hands!

Driving a party bus may appear easy to you, however, at times it can be a real challenge. Our party bus drivers are not just steering wheel attendants, they are expected to play a role in hosting the party bus group. This means that not only does the driver need to concentrate on the road, they also need to be able to suffer the head banging music and disco lights, and of course, have eyes (and ears) at the back of their heads to manage and support the crowd.

Androo (that’s how we spell it) has been with DoubleUP party buses since the day we started! Androo has the face – not just the face but that facethat look that is not a look, because he’s not angry and don’t second guess what he’s thinking because as he himself will explain, Androo has Resting Bitch Face! What is resting Bitch Face (RBF)?  RBF is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry or annoyed, particularly when the individual is relaxed or not particularly expressing an emotion. Don’t let this worry you, being our longest serving driver, Androo has pretty much seen it all and has the skills, knowledge and initiative to ensure you have an awesome experience.

Steve, often called Alan – not quite sure why; possibly because when he introduces himself he says “my name is Steve, not Alan” and somehow by default people then call him Alan, has also been with us from the early days. Steve is like a huggable bear (a quarter the size of a bear though) and brings with him both life experience and a sense of fun. Steve is loved by the girls who think he’s a real cutie – beware though girls, he’s a married man!

Both Androo and Steve have been on this journey with us – and have pretty much seen it all!!

And then there is Lawrence and Wayne, both unique in their own rights and both fun, reliable guys with hoards of driving experience and initiative to go with it.

These are our key drivers and mostly the names you will hear when you book with us –  their task is not a simple one and we ask that you please be polite and respectful when they need to enforce the necessary rules and procedures to ensure a safe and fun experience – they are the most important part of the equation as without the driver you won’t be going anywhere!!.

Of course the big question that always faces us and them is the question of alcohol. Our stance? We will always try and follow the law without being party poopers, which we’ll talk more about in a future blog.

The other thing you should know about DoubleUP is that we own the one and only Double Decker party bus in Perth!! Yes, you got it!! That’s where we get our name from, DoubleUP Tours – double the party, double the fun – DoubleDecker – DoubleUP Tours. This is an icon party bus – an original 1972 Leyland magnificently renovated with limo style seating throughout, sound and lighting that rocks the bus, and a 55” TV on the top story – it’s a protected species and the last of its kind, so we are reasonably selective as to where it goes.

We have another three single decker party buses which are all decked out to the same standard and quality as the double decker and are continually growing our fleet – however our number one priority is you, our customer- and as we grow we will continue to ensure that we keep you at the centre of our business, ensuring that to the best of our ability you always get an experience worth waiting for!