Who is DoubleUp Tours?

What is our vision, what are our values and how do we operate? DoubleUp tours is a fully Australian, family owned and operated business. Our vision is to provide the best customer experience possible. Our values are to work collaboratively, build relationships and contribute to making the party bus industry a safe and fun place to be.

What does all of this mean for me you might ask?

As the customer, this means that when you book with DoubleUp Tours Party Bus, your experience, from start to finish is personable and authentic, hassle free, centred around your needs and value for money. Most importantly, your experience will show that not only do we talk about these things, but we actually deliver them!

You have confidence that when you book with DoubleUp Tours you know what you’re getting.

And, most importantly, you trust DoubleUp Tours because we do what we say we will do!

If you’ve booked with DoubleUp Tours in the past, you will have met Jarryd. Jarryd is the face of DoubleUp Tours and the person that makes everything happen.

He has incredible knowledge in the party bus industry and has become the ‘go to’ person for many. Jarryd has built some fantastic relationships which have had a resounding positive impact for DoubleUp Tours and ultimately, the service we provide to you.

You will know him as being hands on, approachable and extremely customer focussed. He is the person you would have spoken to when enquiring about a booking and the person you will see in the Swan Valley weekend in and weekend out when you book a wine tour with us – he is your man for everything party bus! Say hello next time you see Jarryd.