Here at DoubleUP, we like to make the good times last. In fact, that’s exactly what our party buses are designed to do – extend the experience.

When you book with us, the party starts as soon as we arrive. No more waiting until you get to the venue to kick off or winding down as soon as you leave. With a DoubleUP party bus, you can really double the party and double the fun.

Best of all, we take the stress out of planning your event or big night out. Our experienced team are experts in creating unique and unforgettable experiences and will manage all the preparations for you. No wonder we’re one of the leaders in Perth party bus hire!


Our Party Buses Bring the Party to You

As the old saying goes, life’s about the journey, not the destination. And, with a DoubleUP party bus, you can do the journey in style.

Our fleet of Perth party buses are decked out with everything you need for a good time.

Want to pump your party playlist? We’ve got you covered with a sound system that would make most nightclubs jealous.

Feeling the bass? The dedicated dancefloor and stripper poles give you plenty of space to bust a move.

Want the true club experience? Crank up the fog machine, hit the lights, spin the disco ball, and really let loose.

And, if you want the full VIP experience, check out the newest addition to our party bus fleet – Party 405. With its custom interior, dedicated VIP section, and 45 seat capacity, it’s the perfect way to start the party in style.


The Types of Parties We DoubleUP

DoubleUP’s Perth party buses are a great option for almost every event.

Maybe you need transport for a special occasion, big function, or a festival. No stressing over finding a ride or having to coordinate multiple cars when you book a party bus!

Maybe you’re planning a wine tour and are after something a little more exciting than the standard minibus. And you’ll always get preferential treatment when you show up in a DoubleUP party bus!

Maybe you’re planning a buck’s or hen’s and want to keep the party going between stops. We’re known for our pub crawls and can score you free drinks at some of the best places in Perth.

Or maybe you want to roll up to your school ball in true baller style. In one of our party buses, you can get the whole crew together and really make an entrance.

Even if you’re just looking for a cost-effective way to get around on a night out, DoubleUP can help. When you’re travelling in a large group, our party buses work out cheaper than a taxi and let you keep everyone together. They also let you get in a little extra party time while you’re on your way…

Whatever you’re celebrating, and however you’re doing it, you can take it to the next level with a DoubleUp party bus.


Ready to Doubleup With a Perth Party Bus?

We pride ourselves on being epic party planners and can pull together the perfect party bus experience for you. We do all the preparations – from picking the right bus to planning your tour or crawl route. Just let us know what the occasion is and what you had in mind and watch us do our thing.

For more information on the DoubleUp Perth party bus service, or to make a booking, give us a call on 0413 550 044.