Planning an event and booking a party bus may seem pretty straight forward however, there are some simple guidelines to follow to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible! here at DoubleUP Tours Party Buses we are here to count down five of the top rookie mistakes those hiring party buses tend to make on a regular basis. We are here to make certain your journey is nothing but memorable for all the right reasons!

5: Not Planning in Advance!

There’s nothing worse than having everything planned; the guest list, dress code, venue, but no way to get there… Booking a party bus isn’t quite like hailing a taxi. Some advance notice is required to ensure your spot is secure and everything is all organised specifically for you! Especially during busy seasons, such as festivals, ball season, or New Years. You wouldn’t want to miss out on one of DoubleUP Party Buses, so book in early so you can party in style and we can organise everything else for you with no hassle and great deals!

4: Not Collecting Money On Time!

This one is a real stressor for the lead passenger! No one wants to spend the whole week prior and the day or night of the event chasing people up for their contribution. After all, we all know how hard it is to get the correct money from a drunk friend in the middle of the night. Not so easy… So, ensure all of the money is collected from all of the other passengers prior to getting onto one of DoubleUPs party buses so as soon as the bus arrives you can get on board all ready for a great time!

3: Fitting Too Much into a Small Time Frame!

This one is surprisingly common! When planning a wine tour or pub crawl the good old saying quality over quantity really reins true. Visiting numerous wine tours or pubs may seem like a good idea at first but in reality, for you, most of the time ends up being spent getting on and off the bus, and travelling to and from each location! As soon as you start getting into the swing of things and having fun, it’s time to head to the next venue! Not so enjoyable on what’s meant to be a fun, and chilled day or night out!

2: Pre-Drinking Before a Day or Night Out!

Everyone loves a drink or two before a day or night out to get them into the mood but some people seem to take it just that step too far! Being completely intoxicated before even getting on the bus is a recipe for disaster… It’s no fun for you, or the rest of your group having to look after you the whole day or night! And missing out on all the fun as you’re feeling a bit under the weather isn’t something you want after all the planning that’s gone into it! Take it easy on the booze, so you don’t have to go home early to snooze!

1: Not Booking with DoubleUP Tours!

This is not one of those pushy “book with us or else” motives, but it’s pretty plain and simple! If you want great customer service and everything taken care of for you, then why wouldn’t you? If, however we are not able to fit your request, or are fully booked, we will happily point you in the right direction!

So, next time you are thinking about booking a party bus, make sure you get in early to reserve your spot, and take into account these five rookie errors most commonly made in the planning process!

We look forward to hearing from you!


The crew at DoubleUP xx