Travelling in a party bus is not your standard mode of transportation, but it can be a great way to add ambiance to a night out, school formal, wine tour and more! DoubleUP Tours Party Bus knows all too well the ins and outs of party bus hire, and are here to let you know the exclusive benefits of travelling in luxury and style!

5. Capacity!

An ordinary taxi can seat four, a maxi taxi maybe nine at most? But what if you have a large group of people, say 50, requiring transportation? Surely you don’t want to have to hire nine or more separate taxis for everyone, when you can simply hire a party bus and you can all travel together! No arguments over who goes with who… or anything quite frankly. DoubleUP Party Buses Double Decker can hold up to 65 people, and up to 50 in the single deckers!

4. Luxurious!

DoubleUPs Party Buses are all decked out to the nines, with nothing missed and no expense spared! Travelling in style is always a bonus, with DoubleUP though this comes standard, with limo style seating, flat screen TVs, sound, lighting, even a dance floor and more, it’s like a club on wheels! You won’t even want to get off!

3. Cost!

Party Buses are extremely cost effective, as particularly with large numbers, transportation can get expensive! Travelling with Uber for 50 people from Joondalup to the Perth CBD can cost up to $468.75 all up, $37.50 per Uber at a minimum, which unfortunately doesn’t include peak periods either! The standard taxi service can set you back $500, that’s $100 per 10 seater van for the same trip! The equivalent journey with DoubleUP Party Buses would cost between $250-350 for up to 50 people, max $7 per person! With all the extra bells and whistles, why not go for a party bus?

2. Guaranteed on time pickup!

When you book a party bus the time is yours! There’s no waiting around for the Uber to arrive, or having to hail down that cab! Everything is pre-organised and there is nothing to worry about! Apart from maybe which outfit to wear, what music to dance to, or where to eat when the munchies creep in!

1. Your own private party!

Finally, the best part of hiring a party bus in Perth? Well it’s all for you of course! There’s no having to organise transport, or anything really! The party bus is like your own private venue for you and your friends to continue your day or night out in style, without a care in the world! Just you, all your friends, and the rest of the night to look forward to! Even we get a bit jealous sometimes…

So, to make a day, or night out even better, why not book with DoubleUP for a night you are sure to never forget! Well we hope not anyway… Transport has never been so quick, cheap, and easy! Get on it!


The crew at DoubleUP xx