Perth does Oktoberfest, Get on it!


With Oktoberfest just around the corner, the celebrations are well and truly on their way! Here are Perth’s top events and places to be during the month of October, make sure you check them out before it’s too late!


Elmar’s in the Valley:

Elmar’s puts on one of the best Oktoberfest celebrations in the West! Nestled in the beautiful Swan Valley Elmars is a conventional German brewery and restaurant so they know their German beer like the back of their hand, and just how to party in style! This year they are celebrating over two weekends with an 18+ event on both the 14th and 21st of October from 11:00am – 5:00pm which includes live music, Bratwurst eating, lots of bars, BBQ, games and more! All in the Swan Valley’s largest beer garden!

If you’ve got little ones or all out partying and drinking isn’t your thing then never fear! Elmar’s is also hosting their Oktoberfest Family Day on Sunday the 22nd of October from 11:00am – 5:00pm, for everyone! This all-round fun event includes a Bucking Bull, Bouncy Castles, and many other amazing activities for all ages!

Tickets are required for both events so head to their website for more details!


Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2017:

If you like to party and have a great time head to Oktoberfest in the Gardens on Saturday the 7th October from 1-9pm in Langley Park, Perth CBD for a day and night to remember! (or not!).

With lots of activities including amusement rides, stalls, bars, beer, silent disco and much more! this is not to be missed! Dress up in your best Dirndls and Lederhosen to get the full experience, you would have to blink twice to realise you aren’t in Germany, coz lets be real, who wants to pay those hefty flight prices anyway! What a win!

Tickets are on sale now and have sold out in previous years so get in quick!

Hit up these sites to get involved in the best Oktoberfest festivities Perth has to offer! If you require further assistance don’t be scared to drop us a line, we are happy to help!


The crew at DoubleUP xx

Oktoberfest 2017


Oktoberfest – Start planning now!

With the second semester of uni already underway, and the end of financial year been and gone, it’s time to get onto planning those Oktoberfest celebrations before you are sitting there scrolling through Instagram and Facebook looking at those great events with some serious fomo! Follow this part one to see the ins and out of Oktoberfest and the traditions behind this beer drinking extravaganza!

What is Oktoberfest?

On October 12, 1810 the marriage of Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese Charlotte Luise of Saxony-Hildburghausen (what a mouthful) was celebrated in Munich, Germany. This celebration was later termed Oktoberfest, typically as it occurred in October… This has become one of the most popular celebrations around the world and runs either from mid or late September to the first weekend in October but the hype begins a lot earlier, with events popping up everywhere! so you’ve got to get in quick!


Within Oktoberfest celebrations only beers that conform to the laws or “purity orders” can be sold and consumed during the celebrations. This law states it must be produced in Munich, and use only ingredients Barley, Hops and Water as ingredients in the production. It originally stems from an attempt to reduce competition with bakers for ingredients, common practices, and cultural norms. Could you imagine only being able to purchase like two types of beer ever? And it being made by bakers? No wonder their celebrations last more than two weeks, you’d need a month to cure the hangover from that nasty stuff!

Thanks to those Royals, drinking beer whilst listening to music, and having a great time has become an annual event (aren’t we lucky!). Spanning for 16-18 days you better make sure to book off a few (or more) days afterwards to recover, as its all fun and games when celebrating with friends, but no one wants to see the aftermath for an entire week after…

If you are unsure of how to get to your Oktoberfest celebration, we are here to help! Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to make it the best celebration!

We look forward to hearing from you!

The crew at DoubleUP xx

5 Mistakes Rookie Party Bus Organisers Make

young man on a table. worried expression

Planning an event and booking a party bus may seem pretty straight forward however, there are some simple guidelines to follow to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible! here at DoubleUP Tours Party Buses we are here to count down five of the top rookie mistakes those hiring party buses tend to make on a regular basis. We are here to make certain your journey is nothing but memorable for all the right reasons!

5: Not Planning in Advance!

There’s nothing worse than having everything planned; the guest list, dress code, venue, but no way to get there… Booking a party bus isn’t quite like hailing a taxi. Some advance notice is required to ensure your spot is secure and everything is all organised specifically for you! Especially during busy seasons, such as festivals, ball season, or New Years. You wouldn’t want to miss out on one of DoubleUP Party Buses, so book in early so you can party in style and we can organise everything else for you with no hassle and great deals!

4: Not Collecting Money On Time!

This one is a real stressor for the lead passenger! No one wants to spend the whole week prior and the day or night of the event chasing people up for their contribution. After all, we all know how hard it is to get the correct money from a drunk friend in the middle of the night. Not so easy… So, ensure all of the money is collected from all of the other passengers prior to getting onto one of DoubleUPs party buses so as soon as the bus arrives you can get on board all ready for a great time!

3: Fitting Too Much into a Small Time Frame!

This one is surprisingly common! When planning a wine tour or pub crawl the good old saying quality over quantity really reins true. Visiting numerous wine tours or pubs may seem like a good idea at first but in reality, for you, most of the time ends up being spent getting on and off the bus, and travelling to and from each location! As soon as you start getting into the swing of things and having fun, it’s time to head to the next venue! Not so enjoyable on what’s meant to be a fun, and chilled day or night out!

2: Pre-Drinking Before a Day or Night Out!

Everyone loves a drink or two before a day or night out to get them into the mood but some people seem to take it just that step too far! Being completely intoxicated before even getting on the bus is a recipe for disaster… It’s no fun for you, or the rest of your group having to look after you the whole day or night! And missing out on all the fun as you’re feeling a bit under the weather isn’t something you want after all the planning that’s gone into it! Take it easy on the booze, so you don’t have to go home early to snooze!

1: Not Booking with DoubleUP Tours!

This is not one of those pushy “book with us or else” motives, but it’s pretty plain and simple! If you want great customer service and everything taken care of for you, then why wouldn’t you? If, however we are not able to fit your request, or are fully booked, we will happily point you in the right direction!

So, next time you are thinking about booking a party bus, make sure you get in early to reserve your spot, and take into account these five rookie errors most commonly made in the planning process!

We look forward to hearing from you!


The crew at DoubleUP xx


5 Benefits of Hiring a Party Bus


Travelling in a party bus is not your standard mode of transportation, but it can be a great way to add ambiance to a night out, school formal, wine tour and more! DoubleUP Tours Party Bus knows all too well the ins and outs of party bus hire, and are here to let you know the exclusive benefits of travelling in luxury and style!

5. Capacity!

An ordinary taxi can seat four, a maxi taxi maybe nine at most? But what if you have a large group of people, say 50, requiring transportation? Surely you don’t want to have to hire nine or more separate taxis for everyone, when you can simply hire a party bus and you can all travel together! No arguments over who goes with who… or anything quite frankly. DoubleUP Party Buses Double Decker can hold up to 65 people, and up to 50 in the single deckers!

4. Luxurious!

DoubleUPs Party Buses are all decked out to the nines, with nothing missed and no expense spared! Travelling in style is always a bonus, with DoubleUP though this comes standard, with limo style seating, flat screen TVs, sound, lighting, even a dance floor and more, it’s like a club on wheels! You won’t even want to get off!

3. Cost!

Party Buses are extremely cost effective, as particularly with large numbers, transportation can get expensive! Travelling with Uber for 50 people from Joondalup to the Perth CBD can cost up to $468.75 all up, $37.50 per Uber at a minimum, which unfortunately doesn’t include peak periods either! The standard taxi service can set you back $500, that’s $100 per 10 seater van for the same trip! The equivalent journey with DoubleUP Party Buses would cost between $250-350 for up to 50 people, max $7 per person! With all the extra bells and whistles, why not go for a party bus?

2. Guaranteed on time pickup!

When you book a party bus the time is yours! There’s no waiting around for the Uber to arrive, or having to hail down that cab! Everything is pre-organised and there is nothing to worry about! Apart from maybe which outfit to wear, what music to dance to, or where to eat when the munchies creep in!

1. Your own private party!

Finally, the best part of hiring a party bus? Well it’s all for you of course! There’s no having to organise transport, or anything really! The party bus is like your own private venue for you and your friends to continue your day or night out in style, without a care in the world! Just you, all your friends, and the rest of the night to look forward to! Even we get a bit jealous sometimes…

So, to make a day, or night out even better, why not book with DoubleUP for a night you are sure to never forget! Well we hope not anyway… Transport has never been so quick, cheap, and easy! Get on it!


The crew at DoubleUP xx

3 Things to Tame Your Inner Child this July!

Child Playing Jenga

As the Uni semester draws to a close you might be thinking of how to fill all this time you suddenly seem to have accumulated. Aside from all those boring “adulting” stuff like chores, housework, and food shopping, sometimes you just want to let loose and enjoy yourself! Don’t worry crew, DoubleUP Tours Party Bus has got you covered, with all the go to things to tame your inner child! Coz as they say some kids just never really grow up!

3.  BOUNCEinc Cannington

Who doesn’t love jumping around on giant trampolines for hours at a time without a care in the world! Bounce is the go to place these days for those whose are literally ‘bouncing off the walls” with excitement at the thought of the semester break already upon us and with sessions right up until 9pm, who wouldn’t want to expend all that pent up energy, am I right? Screw the gym, this is pure enjoyment and a workout all in one! Who would’ve even thought that was possible!

2. Winterland

Brave the cold and head to Perth city for ice skating, snow, hot pretzels, warm fires and more! Who doesn’t remember heading down to the ice rink with friends as a youngster to get that skate on, or at least attempt! There’s nothing like those bruises you wake up with from stacking it on the ice due to that daring nature and un-coordination… WInterland is a completely man made ice rink where you can head down and enjoy yourself! With a 40-foot snow slide and many other activities and food stalls this is not an event to be missed!

1. Ultimate Roomscape

Thrill seeker? Daredevil? Or just like trying new things? Get your group of friends together and give this one a go ASAP! Ultimate Roomscape involves pretty much exactly what the name states, escaping a room! There are a series of tasks and challenges that need to be undertaken in order to move from one sequence to the next, but you better be quick as you must beat the clock!! The DoubleUP crew have personally given this a go and it’s definitely one of their fave activities. Testing both physical and mental strength (as well as the nerves of some of the crew…) this is something not to be missed. Even if you’ve done a room before they are ever changing so there’s always something new to try! And if you’re into something different, doing it at night is a great challenge also! Try going to sleep after trying to rectify a kidnapping, almost impossible!

If you’re into something a bit different, DoubleUP Tours has lots of options available for you to let your hair down and enjoy this newfound freedom! Try one of our signature wine tour packages, organised completely for you, you don’t have to lift a finger. Or if you’re into something a bit different one of our pub crawl deals is sure to give a night like no other! There are also many more options on our website! All in all, don’t forget to enjoy this time off and let your inner child shine, before its back to books and student amenities fees like it never even happened.


The crew at DoubleUP xx

Christmas in July

Can’t wait till December? Have Christmas bells ringing in your ears already? Annual Christmas in July celebrations are about to commence and if you’re dreaming of that white Christmas then this one is for you!

Traditionally when one thinks of Christmas they think of making angels in the snow, Santa arriving with his reindeers on a sleigh, warm Christmas pudding, and all things synonymous with that icy cold weather! So, who wouldn’t want that dream to become a reality!

Christmas in July is the perfect time to avoid the rush of those boring end of year corporate events, and sneak in early to organise a great event for your whole team or organisation. Who doesn’t want something different and unique to make all your employees, friends, and family members dull winter days turn much brighter! DoubleUP Tours Party Buses offers the perfect solution to beat those drab winter days and celebrate in style. Book one of our signature wine tours packages in your preferred party bus and you are certain to have the whole team smiling and in for a great time with hardly no work required on your part at all!

“So, I don’t have to do anything?” You may ask. Yes, that’s exactly right! With DoubleUP Tours your Christmas in July event can be sorted in no time! With one of our exclusive wine tour packages everything is organised for you. All you need to do is pick the day, time, and pick up location and the rest is history. The DoubleUP crew will sort it all out for you, no questions asked!

So if you are thinking of beating the rush and celebrating like the Americans (coz lets be real, they do some pretty awesome stuff) Get in quick and book with DoubleUP today!

DoubleUP Tours turns purple for Purple Bra Day

2017 is a special year for Breast Cancer Care Western Australia, as it is the 15th year of Purple Bra Day! Breast Cancer Care WA works to raise funds to support Western Australians affected by breast cancer by providing personalised practical, emotional, and financial support to these individuals and their families.

Purple Bra Day centres around fundraising, fun, and the main aim, letting everyone know you are breast aware and just how simple and easy this is! With more than half of breast cancer diagnoses being found by the individual themselves or their own doctor, early detection is paramount to improve chances of successful treatment!

Breast cancer not only affects women but also men. This means every single one of us needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with this illness and unfortunately most of us know and have in some way been touched by this with one in eight women in Australia being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Here at DoubleUP Tours Party Bus we like to ‘give back’ – that means we support and take part in a range of community initiatives, fundraisers, and more! This one is particularly close to our hearts – whether it be yourself, your mother, a friend, relative or work colleague, we all have some sort of connection to breast cancer, so getting behind Purple Bra Day for the month of June is the best way we can show our support.

This year for the entire month of June, the DoubleUP Party Bus crew will turn purple to take up the challenge and wear the iconic purple bra on the outside of their clothes to raise money for people affected by breast cancer and support purple bra day and Breast Cancer Care WA!

Each of our party buses will host tins for your donation and in addition to all donations received during the month of June, DoubleUP will be donating part proceeds from the entire months’ services to this amazing cause! So, every time you book with us for the month of June, part of these proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Care WA – yes, we are stepping up to make a difference to the lives of those with breast cancer and their families – so get behind Purple Bra Day and show your support!

Purple Bra Day is one of the biggest fundraisers for Breast Cancer Care WA and DoubleUP is thrilled to be involved.

To support DoubleUP Tours Party Bus and Breast Cancer Care WA click HERE

5 ways to beat your exam blues!

The final month before those university exams start can be a real stressor…

Luckily, we are here to help with DoubleUP Party buses 5 best ways to beat those pre-exam blues, so you can enjoy one final hurrah on one of Perth’s best party buses before the madness of study takes over and completely lures you in!!

5. Book a signature pub crawl!

Why visit one pub or bar when you can go to multiple! Have a few places in mind you want to go to? Then this is for you! Pub crawls are a great way to start or end a night. Especially if you want to get in an early one so you can get that study on! DoubleUP’s pub crawls give you the beauty of a great night out tailored just for you.

Party buses are the way to travel in style and DoubleUP knows all the go to places, with super great deals just for you, this one cannot be surpassed.

4. Grab a coffee and cake with friends!

Not feeling like getting dressed up, the thought of spending over an hour putting on makeup too much? We feel you! Unlike the weather, Perth’s coffee and desert scene is heating up fast! Superstar waffles in Northbridge is an absolute hit! Who wouldn’t want condensed milk, chocolate, ice cream and pretty much anything you can think of on a waffle with a hot drink to fill that hole study has left in your stomach, and warm that brain right up! If waffles aren’t your thing (if that’s even possible) Whisk Creamery with two locations in Subiaco, and Northbridge is sure to fix that sweet craving we all know suddenly appears as soon as exams are looming. Lastly MOP Doughnuts in Leederville is open 24 hours! Yes, that’s correct 24 hours! So even after you’ve finished attempting to memorise all the systems in the body, or crunching all those numbers at 3am, the smell of those doughnuts is not just a dream but a reality!

3. Party on one of DoubleUP’s party buses for hours!

Indecisive? Can’t agree on a location? Simply use the party bus as your venue! Crank up the tunes and dance for hours on one of DoubleUP’s party buses and everything is taken care of. Make sure if you’re consuming alcohol though that you do it before you get on the bus, as drinking on any bus in Perth comes with a hefty fine for each individual! A fee you definitely do not need on top of those student loans and HECS debt… The venue for this one will be so good that nothing else is needed!

2. Me, Myself, and I..

Ever been told you’re selfish? Egocentric? Well here’s your time, and excuse to be that king or queen you’ve always wanted to be! Focusing on yourself throughout this period is essential. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise! Make everything about you! (abuse it while you get the chance..!) Your family and friends may not enjoy it, but you are priority!

1. Book one of DoubleUP’s signature wine tours!

Wine tours on these party buses are a little bit different in a good way.

Who wants to be on the phone trying to book wineries all day? Not you! Especially with all that study you should be doing, that’s why at DoubleUP we take care of all of that boring stuff for you, so that all you need to do is pick a day, decide which bus you’d like, book it, and you’re good to go! How easy is that!

Wine tours have become quite the phenomenon with young people these days, so if you haven’t been on one you better get to it before you start using wine for all the wrong reasons…

If Alcoholics Anonymous is not somewhere you want to be heading to anytime soon, DoubleUP’s go to checklist should have you reaching those HDs in no time!

But seriously folks, make sure you look after yourself, study hard, but still save some time for the things you love to do and enjoy!

Good luck! And we’ll see you on the other side..


The crew at DoubleUP xx

Party with DoubleUP Party Bus


Join us as we blog about living the party bus dream where we will bring you the information and goss on everything party bus, from how to plan an epic event to upcoming festivals, best deals and of course stories – true events and experiences we’ve had with you, our customer, some funny, some silly some dangerous and some . . . well . . . quite embarrassing!

So, let us introduce you to the people you will hear from and see when you use our party buses.

If you’ve booked through DoubleUP before, you would have dealt with Jarryd – he’s the maaaannn!!; he’s the guy that knows it all – the buses, the people, the places, the deals; he’s the guy that will put together an epic day or night for you, whether it be a wine tour, pub crawl, hens or bucks, school ball or simply a transfer. He’s the guy that has made your experience on our party bus a day or night to remember and who’s objective is to continue to do so . . . providing the best party bus experience is the motto that we live by, so when you book with us, you’re putting yourself in the right hands!

Driving a party bus may appear easy to you, however, at times it can be a real challenge. Our party bus drivers are not just steering wheel attendants, they are expected to play a role in hosting the party bus group. This means that not only does the driver need to concentrate on the road, they also need to be able to suffer the head banging music and disco lights, and of course, have eyes (and ears) at the back of their heads to manage and support the crowd.

Androo (that’s how we spell it) has been with DoubleUP party buses since the day we started! Androo has the face – not just the face but that facethat look that is not a look, because he’s not angry and don’t second guess what he’s thinking because as he himself will explain, Androo has Resting Bitch Face! What is resting Bitch Face (RBF)?  RBF is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry or annoyed, particularly when the individual is relaxed or not particularly expressing an emotion. Don’t let this worry you, being our longest serving driver, Androo has pretty much seen it all and has the skills, knowledge and initiative to ensure you have an awesome experience.

Steve, often called Alan – not quite sure why; possibly because when he introduces himself he says “my name is Steve, not Alan” and somehow by default people then call him Alan, has also been with us from the early days. Steve is like a huggable bear (a quarter the size of a bear though) and brings with him both life experience and a sense of fun. Steve is loved by the girls who think he’s a real cutie – beware though girls, he’s a married man!

Both Androo and Steve have been on this journey with us – and have pretty much seen it all!!

And then there is Lawrence and Wayne, both unique in their own rights and both fun, reliable guys with hoards of driving experience and initiative to go with it.

These are our key drivers and mostly the names you will hear when you book with us –  their task is not a simple one and we ask that you please be polite and respectful when they need to enforce the necessary rules and procedures to ensure a safe and fun experience – they are the most important part of the equation as without the driver you won’t be going anywhere!!.

Of course the big question that always faces us and them is the question of alcohol. Our stance? We will always try and follow the law without being party poopers, which we’ll talk more about in a future blog.

The other thing you should know about DoubleUP is that we own the one and only Double Decker party bus in Perth!! Yes, you got it!! That’s where we get our name from, DoubleUP Tours – double the party, double the fun – DoubleDecker – DoubleUP Tours. This is an icon party bus – an original 1972 Leyland magnificently renovated with limo style seating throughout, sound and lighting that rocks the bus, and a 55” TV on the top story – it’s a protected species and the last of its kind, so we are reasonably selective as to where it goes.

We have another three single decker party buses which are all decked out to the same standard and quality as the double decker and are continually growing our fleet – however our number one priority is you, our customer- and as we grow we will continue to ensure that we keep you at the centre of our business, ensuring that to the best of our ability you always get an experience worth waiting for!